Worst Days For Vaping Crisis Over As Per Recent Data

Vaping crisis’ worst days are in all probability in the past for the state legal industry of marijuana. However, a lot of the firms of marijuana have been focusing towards technology for boosting the cannabis consumer confidence in vape along with dealing with the dip in sales which followed the scare in health.

The tech-based solutions which are available to the companies are:

  • Providing the COA known as certificate of analysis which includes the testing results through the smartphone technology.
  • This includes the QR codes with the apps on smartphones for the helping of consumers monitor dosing use etc.
  • Encrypting of cartridges for combating the counterfeiting vape products. This is helping in the separation of legal products from the markets that many of the industry watchers are blaming for the crisis of vaping.

Paul Botto, who is the co-founder of Lucid Green that is based in New York, has said that the consumers have been demanding for knowing what is in the products of marijuana and the tech solutions are providing a convenient way for them for accessing the information transparently. Botto has said that for them and increasingly for the general industry, it is coming down to the transparency and trust.

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The crisis of vape had hurt the business in the cannabis markets in the markets of United States. While the sales of vape are edging up in the markets now, a lot of them have not yet completely recovered to what they had done before. The sales of vaping products in the areas of Nevada, Colorado and California have not trended in an upward graph or remained similar after October as per the recent numbers.

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