Hemp Farmers To Get Option Of Using Crop Protection Tools

The hemp farmers are going to have an option of using the new tools of crop protection for the 2020 season after the approval of the federal regulators of the pesticide products to the arsenal of hemp production. In a significant step in making the crop which has recently been made legal a national commodity, the EPA or the Environmental Protection Agency had on Thursday given approval to the usage of 10 products for controlling the diseases and insect pests.

The secretary of agriculture of United States, Sonny Perdue, has said in a statement that the actions of EPA today are going to help in supporting the efforts of farmers for growing hemp in the nick of time for the first season. EPA is responsible for regulating the pesticides for ensuring that they do not damage unduly the environment and have been safe for using it on the plants which are later eaten by people. The pesticide registration for the hemp has been a watershed moment for the industry of cannabis entirely.

Though marijuana has remained illegal and thus none of the pesticides are legal for using on marijuana, the hemp announcement of EPA has signaled as being the first time the government has deemed any of the chemicals being safe to be used on cannabis. The State Agriculture department has called the announcement of the EPA as the first step for providing the crop protection for the hemp farmers in United States.

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The 10 approved products have now been cleared for usage under the FIFRA act. The act had been enacted in the year 1947 for the protection of farmers by requiring the pesticides for working as it had been advertised and to the accurate labels.

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