Cannabis Vaporizers Market Overview 2023


Vaporizers for cannabis are devices that produce vapor that can be inhaled. Vaporizers are effective because they heat cannabis flower or concentrate to a temperature over its combustion point but below its vaporization point. The resulting vapor can be inhaled, providing users with the benefits of cannabis without the negative health effects associated with smoking.

Growth Factors

The cannabis vaporizers market is expanding rapidly and promisingly. The global market for cannabis vaporizers is expanding for reasons including the normalization of cannabis usage, the ease of obtaining cannabis concentrates for vaping, and the expansion of studies into the plant’s therapeutic potential. More and more people are using cannabis vaporizers since they are convenient and hard to detect. In the past, cannabis vaporizers were one-shot wonders that necessitated constant reloading. Over time, we’ve seen cannabis vaporizer technology advance, leading to devices with less leaking and fewer of the hazardous metals, glues, and fibers that plagued the first generation.

During the epidemic, there has been a spike in demand for cannabis vaporizers. The use of cannabis and vaporizers is becoming increasingly popular. As cannabis gains popularity and legalization on a national scale, manufacturers compete to release the most effective vaporizers. The market is slightly impacted due to supply shortages, although producers are making efforts to stay up. In addition, after the 2008 global economic crisis, manufacturers stepped up manufacturing of vapes in response to rising demand, helped by a shift in the government’s stance on cannabis and an increase in employment to satisfy that need.

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The global market for cannabis vaporizers is segmented by application, product type, heating technique, ingredient, sales channel, and geographic location. The global market for cannabis vaporizers is segmented into the recreational and medical sectors, respectively, based on usage. The international market is segmented into the stationary desktop sector and the mobile handheld sector. Vaporizers can be broken down into three categories based on the type of heat source they use: those that rely on induction, conduction, or convection. Wax, cannabis oil, and dry herbs are the three main categories in this sector. The market is segmented into offline and online subsets, depending on the chosen method of distribution.

Regional Analysis

In terms of revenue, the global market for cannabis vaporizers is predicted to be led by North America. Some of the factors driving the expansion of the market in this region include the acceptance of medical and recreational marijuana usage, the rising popularity of portable vaporizers, and the rising willingness of consumers to spend money on premium goods. The Asia-Pacific region is expected to be the fastest-growing market. This is because of the government’s newfound tolerance for cannabis, the public’s increased understanding of the plant’s therapeutic potential, and the efforts of several large companies to increase their foothold in the area.

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Competitive Players

Boundless Technology LLC., DaVinci, Apollo Vaporizers Inc, PAX Labs, Inc, Grenco Science, SLANG Worldwide Inc., Arizer, Ghost Herbal Concepts Ltd, KandyPens, Inc., and STORZ & BICKEL GmbH & Co. KG are the key players in the global cannabis vaporizers market.


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