Education Workshop Held For Medical Cannabis

The dispensaries of medical cannabis in Maryland have been there for a period of two years as of now and the organization which is known as Grassroots Healing LLC is dedicated to helping the people find their holistic health approach had held a workshop for medical cannabis education and certification on Saturday.

The founder named Melissa Jackson has said that they sat the attendees through a class known as cannabis 101 where they had to go through the science and history of cannabis and the way it works in the body and then get into the program of Maryland and what it is to be a patient in Maryland and what the rules and regulations say after which they register with state and then go to their doctor so they understand the entire process in the one workshop. The substance has been known as being used for treatment of medical conditions like epilepsy, cancer and the glaucoma. Jackson states that the key is education.

She feels people are not aware of how effective this can actually be. It is a medicine if it is used in a proper manner. There are negative sides in it which are fed into our stigma however if an educated mind consumes it they can look to get a lot of good things out of it and there are a lot of chances it can turn out to be extremely effective for the patient. The patients can use it as per Jackson to get out of their medications specifically the ones which are being consumed for anxiety and pain and these are just natural medicines made from plants and therefore less harmful.

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