Massachusetts Continues Ban On Cannabis Based Vaping Products

Massachusetts Continues Ban On Cannabis Based Vaping Products

Regulators in Massachusetts have maintained the Ban over cannabis based vape products due to the fact that the CCC or the Cannabis Control Commission still needs to test out these products for Vitamin E acetate. This is the element which is under suspicion for the widespread vaping illness in America. This is a massive blow for the companies selling marijuana based products that were hoping to regain their hold on the market and make up for the lost revenues.

Jim Borghesani, who is a marijuana consultant, based in Boston, believes that it is impossible that this substance is coming from the legal market as he said that legal vape products should not be held responsible for these problems.

The ban from cannabis control commission includes vape pens, cartridges, vape juices and other devices and products that can be used to vape cannabis although products that are designed for consuming medical marijuana are kept out of the list. The orders clearly states that all such products should be quarantined until further notice.

CCC is also setting up some laboratories that can facilitate the testing for vitamin E acetate in these products, which currently is the number one suspect for the vaping related illness currently affecting many people in America. Those labs are currently testing various products for metal contaminants. On September 24th the ban was imposed for the first time under the orders of Governor Charlie Baker. The ban was supposed to last all through January 25th.

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A leading Cannabis consultant, Beth Waterfall believes that the authority should quickly check the quarantined vaping products for finding out about the vitamin E acetate. She believes that after all the labs are ready for testing Vitamin E acetate, the administrations should make specific regulations related to the issue. It was found that the marijuana vaping product makers have experienced a downwards slope in their revenues and the effects of ban have been significant for them.

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