2020 May Be A Good Year For A Few Canadian Cannabis Stocks

A lot of the investors in the stock of marijuana are going to be thankful that the year 2019 is coming to an end. There were a lot of issues which had plagued the industry in Canada and in particular caused a lot of the stocks for marijuana sink in the year however with the New Year there are a lot of new opportunities which seem to be looking promising.

The experts feel that the year 2020 is going to overall be a lot better than the disastrous year which 2019 was and as the case had been in the last year there are a few stocks which are going to be ahead of the back. Constellation Brands had been weighed down in the year 2019 by as much as 37% when it comes to its stake by the producer Canopy Growth. However it is still delivered a decent gain of 18% by the strength of their premium brands of beer which are Modelo and Corona.

Innovative Industrial Properties have fared well in the year 2019 and their stock has seen a soaring of more than 65% by the end of the year. The experts feel that the formula for success is going to be repeated for the year 2020. Valens had not been among the stocks which languished last year and the service provider’s shares saw an increase of 127% in the year. Valens had been poised for a 2020 which is even bigger than how 2019 turned out to be. Valens has been touted to be the biggest among the winners in the market of Cannabis after the kind of extraction agreements which they have signed.

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