US cyber-boss tells UK to ‘think again’ on Huawei

Top cyber security official in the US has warned the UK from using Huawei’s 5G networks. The trump administration is trying to convey that it is not safe to allow Huawei to set up its telecommunications towers in the country.

Huawei which is the largest telecommunications company in the world has been alleged by the US to try and spy on confidential data from other countries government including sensitive military information.

The Chinese authority claimed that the allegations were not only false but absolutely baseless.

Robert Strayer who is a deputy assistant in secretary for cyber communications in the US has told that he still believes that the UK government’s decision to allow limited access to Huawei’s 5G network is not yet the final one.

He also warned that the allowing of the UK government to allow its 5G networks in the UK would compromise the highly confidential information on intelligence between the US and the UK. By adopting the untrusted vendors of the 5G technology would highly jeopardise the ability to share information freely at the topmost levels between the governments.

The US officials believe that Huawei has connections to the Communist Party of China and regularly shares confidential information of the other countries. They also believe that Huawei is used a tool to access these information.

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Strayer is on a tour of Europe trying to covey the warning message sent by the Trump administration. In Madrid he told that he has been warning the major politicians in the Europe to stop using the Chinese Huawei 5G network as its confidential data might be under threat due to the spying nature of the firm.

In London and several other places it had won contracts to run its 5G network. Huawei claims that its technology is far more advanced than its rivals and the speed and other features of the network are unmatchable.

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