Second surge of flu hitting the children very hard

A second flu wave has been hitting United States and this has turned into one of the nastiest seasons for children in many decades.

The number of deaths which have taken place in terms of child deaths and also the rates of hospitalization for the youngsters are the highest which have been seen in any season at this point since there was a severe outbreak of flu in the 2008-09 season as per the health officials on Friday. This wave has also been expected to go on for many weeks.

The experts have said that this is a horrible time for the extended season of flu as there are concerns which are already going on for an extended season of flu and this has been giving rise to concerns about the coronavirus growing out of China which may have symptoms that are extremely difficult to differentiate from that of flu without a test having been conducted.

If the coronavirus had been spreading in United States, the confusion would have been a lot more regarding the people who are getting sick due to flu and how they were going to be distinguished from those who are getting sick because of coronavirus say the doctors.

The season of Flu had on this occasion gotten off to one of the earlier starts in the last 15 years where there was a surge in the illness which is flu like by an unusual strain.

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The peak was reached in the latter part of December and had then steadily dropped for many weeks afterwards. The second surge has begun in the month of January and there is a rising percentage now.

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