Minnesota Makers Call For Relaxation In Cannabis Regulations

The two makers of medical marijuana in Minnesota have said that it is time for the state program for shedding it is restrictive reputation and let the sick patients be allowed to smoke cannabis. Minnesota Medical Solutions and Leafline Labs executives want the state lawmakers for legalizing the medical marijuana which can be smoked when they go into the sessions in the month of February. The benefits of this as per the executives are clear as the prices are going to go down and the enrollments are going to increase with the patients prospering.

This is the biggest step which is going to be taken for bringing the prices for patients down as per the founder of the Minnesota Medical Solutions, Dr. Kyle Kingsley. He further adds that adding flower is going to save the program. As of now, there is still a level of demand which is low. The manufacturers continue to lose money each and every year.

The medical cannabis program of the state has been affected by the high costs after their inception. The bill in 2014 had been signed into becoming a law by the DFL gov. Out of the 33 states which have legalized medical marijuana, Minnesota is among the very few which have outlawed this whole flower.

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This proposal is expected to face a pushback at State Capitol from the critics who are scared that this is going to pave the way for legalizing the marijuana for every adult. They are also going to counter that this plant is going to be difficult for dosage and harder to differentiate from the illicit pot. They have argued that there are other ways by which prices can be lowered.

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