New Zealand Completes Medical Cannabis Regulatory Framework

New Zealand had completed the regulatory foundation for their sector of medical cannabis in the week for making a major concession by not getting any specialist approval for the prescriptions. When the new rules begin to take effect on the 1st of April 2020, all the general practitioners had been able to prescribe the products of medical cannabis without an oversight from any specialist.

The proposed regulations of medical cannabis in the month of July had considered whether the products are going to be prescribed by one doctor on top of a specialist recommendation; however, the industry sources had stepped up would have become completely unnecessary. The regulations have established the licensing requirements for manufacture of the products of medical cannabis and domestic cultivation.

David Clark, the Health Minister, has said that there is a huge interest internationally in the potential of the medical marijuana. The regulations had meant that the companies in New Zealand are going to be well placed for manufacturing for both the international and local market. The twenty companies have been licensed for growth cannabis for purpose of research.

Furthermore, 238 firms are permitted for growing the industrial hemp. It is expected that a minimum of some companies are going to apply for the licenses for medical marijuana as per Clark. The first of the commercial licenses have been expected to be given out by the middle of the year 2020 and the product from the local producers which could be in the pharmacies from the end of year. New Zealand is relying on the imports for meeting the demands locally until the producers have been completely scaled up.

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