Medical Marijuana Patients Can Now Buy Cannabis Vaping Products

Medical Marijuana Patients Can Now Buy Cannabis Vaping Products

Now, Massachusetts medical marijuana cardholders can buy cannabis vape products again, following the state’s CCC (Cannabis Control Commission) rejected to extend Charlie Baker’s—Massachusetts Governor—contentious 4-Month vaping prohibit to vaping products utilized by cardholders. The CCC determined not to uphold Baker’s prohibition after Douglas Wilkins—Massachusetts’ Superior Court Judge—ruled that the governor’s Department of Public Health did not have the power to control cannabis products utilized by medical marijuana patients, as stated in the ruling. Wilkins ruled his decision following a grassroots medical marijuana advocacy group submitted a memorandum to the Superior Court stating that the CCC is the only authoritarian body in Massachusetts having the authority to control cannabis products utilized by medical marijuana patients.

Baker passed his highly controversial 4-Month prohibition responding to the latest surge in reports of vaping-associated lung disease across the country. The probation involved limiting the sale of all vaping products in Massachusetts till January and included the THC-based and nicotine-based vaping products. A number of groups confronted the forbid in court, counting the group whose memorandum was ultimately accepted by the Superior Court. In an email, Peter Bernard—Spokesperson from the Massachusetts Grower Advisory Council—stated that his organization also advocated in opposition to Baker’s outlaw on vaping products utilized by medical marijuana patients.

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On a related note, recently, Tilray CEO said that vaping illness outburst can cause marijuana legalization. Brendan Kennedy—CEO of Tilray—said to CNBC, “The fatal lung illness associated with vaping can prompt the U.S. and others to authorize marijuana. All the products that we manufacture in Canada and produce across the globe are well-checked by not only Health Canada but watchdogs in other nations as well. One can argue this vaping crisis can result in more legalization.”

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