Cannabis Retailers Preparing For The New Years’ Day Demand

The cannabis retailers of Illinois have been thrilled at the projection of large crowds of customers and the higher demands expected on the New Year’s Day. This is when the lawmakers of the state had said that a lot of the stores can start selling adult-use recreational sales. In anticipation of the cold temperatures and long queues, the companies are going to be going an extra mile for keeping the customers happy. A business for instance had recently rented a coffee shop nearby for keeping the people well fed and warm while there was another that had arranged heat lamps and food trucks.

The businesses are also working hard to stock up on a lot of the products for alleviating the shortages potentially and also bracing themselves up for the technical glitches which can possibly happen with the track and trace software system of the state. There are projections that the recreational program of Illinois may be able to generate close to $2.5 billion per year depending partly on the number of tourists who buy the products of cannabis.

Kris Krane who is the president of 4 Front Ventures based in Phoenix has said that he has been working on the legalizations for more than 20 years; so being here to see the legalization and also the allowance of selling it for adult use on the 1st of January is heartwarming. They expect the challenges to appear and be unexpected like the problems with track and trace state system which is an issue at the retailers with Illinois which has been a cause for concern. They have been vouching for the other delays such as the beefing up of staff.

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