Coronavirus arrives officially in the San Francisco on Monday

In San Francisco, the coronavirus has arrived officially on this Monday after a wife and husband who had both tested to be positive for this virus and had arrived at a hospital in San Francisco.

The symptoms of the couple had worsened reportedly in the night while they had been treated at home in the county of San Benito as they had transferred by the ambulance which was specialized in to morning to the San Francisco for the treatment which had been escalated. As per the reports, the husband had travelled to Wuhan recently had come back to California on the 24th of January which was similar to the case of the man in Santa Clara County who had been confirmed on this Friday in the first case in the Bay Area of this virus. The couple though had represented a transmission case from one person to the other, the wife had been China, appeared to have contracted these viruses form the husband who were both 57 years of age.

In the statement which had been issued on Monday, the department of health from San Francisco said that the hospital where this couple had been moved has been taking all of the appropriate precautions for the safety of staff and the patient’s precautions. Also, this department had said that the arrival of the couple in the SF represented no risk to the public.

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The health officials of the county of San Benito had stressed that this couple had no contact with the outside world after the return of the husband to this country as well as the pair had been constantly in contact with the health officials after the husband had begun the symptoms for many days after the arriving home.

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