Nvidia GeForce Now Moves Out Of Beta, Available At $5 Per Month

Nvidia has finally rolled out the GeForce Now for a larger audience after keeping the service in beta for years. Users across Europe and North America will now be able to sign up for the GeForce Now service at just $5 per month. The GeForce Now was always dubbed as a potent challenger for Google Stadia. Given the low pricing of the service and the quality of graphics Nvidia is expected to provide, Google Stadia is likely to face a solid challenge from Nvidias’ GeForce Now.

Nvidia has been manufacturing exceptional graphics cards over the years that have enabled playing high-end graphics games on the internet. Nvidia’s arrival in the console industry was much awaited and was dubbed as the toughest challenge the established names of the industry were likely to face. Nvidia’s cloud gaming service has a lot to offer as it will allow customers to stream games online without having to buy new games. Nvidia GeForce Now will support Uplay, The Epic Game Store, Battle.net, and Steam. It allows users to download a game to any cloud desktop, sync data for any downloaded game, and resume playing from where they left the last time. Users will require a strong internet connection to stream the games. Nvidia suggests a connection of 50Mbps for streaming games in the top end 1080p60 quality.

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Google Stadia, the current pole position holder in the cloud gaming industry, announced recently that it will be supported by Backtrack going forward. Backtrack is a cross-platform crash management system that will allow game developers to better test the games, identify the errors, and work on them more effectively. Backtrack is for now the only solution provider that game developers for Google Stadia can turn up to.

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