Rising Demand For Cannabis-Infused Products To Surge The Global Cannabis Packaging Market Growth

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Green packaging is a noteworthy trend driving the weed products to be parceled in materials that are biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable. As medical cannabis is being made legal by several states across the world, the cannabis industry has witnessed substantial growth in the past few years. Thus, it is vital to have appropriate wrapping for cannabis products. The considerable growth of the global cannabis packaging market can be contributed to the rising product demand owing to the growing recreational uses of cannabis. Further, the budding market for cannabis products around the world is projected to encourage other nations to make the production of cannabis legal, which is anticipated to surge the need for cannabis packaging in the coming period.

Cannabis finds a number of uses in end-use industries; to name one, it is extensively used for the production of medicinal products. It is utilized for treating muscle spasm, seizure disorder, pain, weight loss, nausea, and others. It is possible to administer medical cannabis via numerous forms, comprising lozenges, capsules, dermal patches, tinctures, cannabis edibles, smoking or vaporizing dried buds, and dermal or oral sprays. These products are packed in numerous packaging types, comprising bottles, jars, tubes, pouches & bags, and metal tins.

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Furthermore, prominent food & beverage firms, comprising Coca Cola, Anheuser-Busch, and Ben & Jerrys, are projected to get into the CBD-infused product market that will drive the product demand in the coming period. Thereby, the rising food & beverage uses of cannabis are expected to help the market boom and projected to present lucrative growth avenues for the cannabis packaging companies in the near future. In addition, an increase in cannabis transportation resulting in an increase in the need for effective packaging solutions is also projected to propel the expansion of the global cannabis packaging market during the forecast period. Also, the development of tailored cannabis packaging solutions to back the brand status is expected to drive the global cannabis packaging market expansion.

Moreover, cannabis as well as cannabis-infused products require to comply with the strict guidelines and regulations implemented by the numerous regulatory bodies around the globe. On account of this, the packaging has given key significance by the cannabis producers. According to the few fundamental rules, cannabis packaging requires being re-sealable, child-resistant, tamper-evident, and must be impervious in case of edible cannabis products. These strict rules are projected to hamper the expansion of the global cannabis packaging market over the forecast period.

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To cite, in June 2019, a partnership was announced between KushCo Holdings, Inc. and C. A. Fortune, a prominent full-service national consumer product marketing and sales agency dedicated to lifestyle brand collaborations, to offer sustainable CBD firms access to huge-scale, conventional retail outlets. The pioneering collaboration would be the foremost huge-scale go-to-market operation emphasized on assisting acquiescent CBD brands to attain mass distribution within the permitted markets in the US.

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