China is going to revise the target of economic growth

China might revise their target of economic growth annually for the year 2020 as a response to the impact of coronavirus however they are not going to give up on their broader goal which is to maintain economic growth in reasonable range as per a researcher of the Chinese government. The government of China hasn’t published its goal for the current year but the broad expectations are that the GDP growth target is going to be close the 6 % mark as it marks a slight slowdown potentially from the growth in 2019 which was 6.1 % growth but enough for the achieving the grand goal for China which is to double the size of the economy in the year 2020 from the year 2010.

The 2020 growth target of China had originally released in the work report of government at the Congress but 5th March scheduled annual parliamentary meeting has been set for being postponed because of the coronavirus outbreak.

There is definitely going to be the adjustments. For these central government, it has not defined what a reasonable range must be post the coronavirus outbreak. The people have been watching still how this outbreak is going to develop in economic influence as per the think tank based in Beijing on this Tuesday.

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For the final target of GDP figures while they have to be true to their facts. The target of GDP has not been a compulsory requirement however a soft figure of forecast might be revised in the three or four times in the year.

It has been referenced though that 29 of the China regions of provincial level out of the 31, had been publishing their economic growth 2020 targets in the month of December.

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