Contego Medical, LLC, is one of the leading medical device companies in the USA engaged in the production of new peripheral vascular and cardiovascular medical devices. In order to make things easier during catheter-based processes and to promote patient results, the integrated Embolic Protection interface (IEP), which integrates treatment and embolic protection into a single device.

A European CE mark has recently been awarded to Contego Medical to implement its peripheral angioplastic balloon Vanguard IEP device. The tool is fitted with the organization’s Integrated Embolic Protection technology which traps the embolic remainder that occult in the superficial femoral artery is treated. The company aims to introduce the Vanguard IEP system to European endovascular specialists performing lower limb angioplastics.

A distal embolic filter and a peripheral angioplastic bull on the single catheter are included in Vanguard IEP System. The device protects the lower limbs without any additional exchanges or devices during the angioplasty procedure. The IEP appears to be slightly like a parachute that extends across the distal tip of Vanguard, covering the arterial lumen regardless of its dimensions, so that almost every blood stream is filtered through its agent. Large objects are trapped during ballon angioplastics, more than the 150-μm porous parachute filter, preventing them from downstream transmission and further blockage.

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After the balloon dilation, the parachute is compressed to scale the catheter against it, maintain the captured emboli and prepare it to be safely excluded from the body. The old filter has been adjustable to varying ships in order to increase capture efficiency. This system is the old filter.

“The Vanguard IEP System is a major step forward in improving the safety of the occlusive disease patients undergoing peripheral angioplasty, Professor Thomas Zeller at the Universitaets-Herzzentrum Freiburg, Germany said. For patients with high distal embolization risks such as those with chronic total occlusions or acute limb ischemia, this scheme is particularly important.”

To trade with the Vanguard IEP System Contego set up a primary distribution network throughout Europe. What do you think about the new system?

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