Earth’s Core Can The Reason Behind Gherks Disordered Buoyancy

Due to the protection created by the Earth’s magnetic field, extremely dangerous effect on humans by high-powered sun- and cosmic rays are prevented. The shield allows no harmful material to enter the surface of the Earth. However, a sudden variation in the strength of the magnetic field known as a geomagnetic jerk was identified during around 10 years.

The sudden glare in the intensity of the field usually lasts only few years and may change the magnetism of this earth in particular regions at a time. In 1969, in western European regions, the first jerk of this kind was observed. A new jerk has been observed since then in the random regions of the world in the space of about 10 years. The actual cause of these jerks is still unknown to researchers.

Due to a collision between the electric solar wind and the terrestrial magnetosphere, several geomagnetic phenomena such as the aurora occur. The jerks are thought to generate the magnetic field from the core of the planet, which is constantly produced by fluorinated iron. However, there is still no clear mechanism behind this.

Researchers recently developed a computer-based simulated model that shows the activities that take place in the heart of the Earth. Only in the journal Nature Geoscience is the study published this week. On the basis of the results of the study, the possible way in which jerks are generated by the release of a booming molten splash from the central core region.

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The newly constructed model developed by the researchers thoroughly analyses and shows the physical conditions of the core surface of the earth and the possible evolutionary changes in the past couple of decades.

An additional study linked to the Earth’s core showed that sudden differences in the core flow could minimise the earth’s turning speed.

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