Increasing Preference Among People Over Health Benefits To Boost Global Hemp Milk Market Growth

Hemp Milk Market

Hemp is a fast-growing and environment-friendly crop that is loaded with nutrients and several minerals & fats. It is derived from entire hemp seeds and is the finest substitute to cow milk. Numerous health benefits are offered by hemp milk such as it thwarts heart disease, decreases the chances of allergies, enhances skin health, and others. Also, it presents health advantages in form of less sweetened and low-calorie food products; they are loaded with protein and several necessary fatty acids. Several kinds of hemp milk are accessible around the world such as plain, flavored, and unsweetened flavored.

The growing preference among customers to healthier food products has inclined them to numerous substitutes that comprise the hemp milk products. By now, several cafes have begun preferring hemp milk for the latte coffees, thereby fueling the growth of the global hemp milk market. In addition, this trend is anticipated to obtain more traction in the coming period, as the market expands progressively. Other major factors driving the expansion of the global hemp milk market include the milk allergy and lactose intolerance, both of which aren’t caused by the hemp milk products.

In addition, the rising alertness among people regarding numerous health advantages like thwarting cardiovascular disease, skin & heart conditions, and others allied with hemp milk consumption along with the growing accessibility of hemp milk products in hypermarkets, e-commerce sector, and supermarkets is also anticipated to drive the market growth in the near future. Furthermore, the rising hemp milk consumption globally as it contains vitamins B12, D and A; calcium; phosphorus; and others is also projected to fuel the expansion of the global hemp milk market during the forecast period.

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Moreover, constant introduction of innovative hemp plant-based products and the increasing processes advances by key hemp milk manufacturers around the world is another major aspect projected to drive the market growth. Nevertheless, the easy accessibility of hemp milk substitutes like cow milk within the market is expected to hamper the expansion of the global market. Ever since the manufactures have started selling the hemp milk products in numerous varieties, the global hemp milk market has witnessed substantial expansion. This can be primarily attributed to the rising stipulation for a range in flavored products, in addition to inclination for regular and non-flavored products. A majority of firms who are a fragment of the global hemp milk market are projected to carry on surfacing with several inventions, thereby escalating their product range.

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To cite, on March 18, 2020, Arla Foods, the biggest manufacturer of dairy items in Scandinavia, has all geared up to enter the vegan milk market with a triad of oat-based dairy-free drinks. The drinks will be introduced by the dairy giant within JÖRÐ, its latest plant-based umbrella brand. Initially, the plant-based drinks—accessible in Oat & Hemp, Oat & Barley, and Oat—will be introduced in Denmark, Sweden, and the U.K.

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