Global Cannabis Testing Equipment Market Is Anticipated To Reach A Value Of USD 2,444 Million By 2028

Cannabis Testing Equipment

Cannabis testing is the analysis for an individual sample of cannabis that is examined to determine CBD, THC, and terpene levels as well as for impurities and contaminants like pesticide residue, pest, disease, mold, and residue solvents. Every municipality and the individual state have the right to impose their own regulations and standards regarding the testing and printing on cannabis labels. However, certified lab technicians and chemists can only perform such testing. The global cannabis testing equipment market is likely to reach a value of USD 2,444 million over the forecast period.

The increasing number of medical applications of cannabis is likely to spur the growth of the global cannabis testing equipment market significantly during the forecast period. In addition, several research institutes are heavily investing in exploring the untapped avenues of cannabis testing, like additional therapeutic uses of medical cannabis, which in turn will further complement the growth of the market. Also, the growing requirement for cannabis cultivators, particularly for testing and quality control of hemp products, will further strengthen the industry’s growth. Several organizations offer accreditation to laboratories that undergo analytical testing of hemp and cannabis-derived products. The testing of cannabis products is highly needed for demonstrating the efficacy and safety of the products.

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The global cannabis testing equipment market can be segmented into test type, technology, and region.

By test type, the market can be segmented into mycotoxin, terpene, heavy metal, residual solvent, pesticides, potency, and other tests. The pesticide screening segment dominates the global market as it is mandatory for examining unauthorized pest control products before selling to a third party.

By technology, the market can be segmented into spectroscopy, chromatography, and others. The spectroscopy segment can further be bifurcated into atomic spectroscopy and mass spectrometry. The chromatography segment can further be bifurcated into gas and liquid chromatography. The chromatography segment accounts for the largest share in the global market due to the growing preference for the chromatography method for cannabis testing owing to the benefits of effective and fast results.

North America holds the largest share in the global cannabis testing equipment market and is likely to reach USD 4.8 billion with a 9.9% growth rate over the forecast period. The growing legalization associated with the use of cannabis across the region is likely to foster healthy growth. In addition, the growing marijuana cultivators and testing laboratory will further strengthen the demand in the region.

Some of the significant players in the global cannabis testing equipment market are Restek, Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Hamilton, Todaro Robotics, PerkinElmer, Medicinal Genomics, and Agilent Technologies. To cite, Agilent Technologies Inc. in 2020 launched cannabis and hemp potency kit.

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