Epazz CryObo Blockchain recently Launched Official Greenheart Mobile Application, Featuring CBD Token as Its Central Feature

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Farmers, enterprises, and purchasers of CBD products can use the Greenheart CBD mobile phone app for fast and safe accessibility and transaction by using CBD tokens.

CBD tech company, Greenheart CBD in collaboration with Epazz CryObo Blockchain Technology, an innovative software solution provider, recently revealed the official launch of its B2B and B2C mobile application platform, which can efficiently connect the Greenheart CBD Token Ecosystem to farmers, customers, and investors.

Now the smart phone users can download the Greenheart CBD mobile application from Google Play Store, whereas iOS users will soon be able to download it from the App Store. The app is designed to benefit not only businesses, but also farmers and customers.

Greenheart CBD goods may now be tokenized using the Epazz CryObo Blockchain Technology, which uses CBD tokens as its primary currency. Binance Coin (BNB) is used as gas in the mobile app, which runs on Binance Smart Chain.

The Greenheart CBD Token Ecosystem begins with users searching to acquire CBD items and making their purchases through a mobile app. When consumers pay using CBD tokens, they get a 40% discount when they use the app. The collected sales will be returned as a stake in order to keep the mobile app operational. The staking pools will support partner farmers to move to a more high-value crop: hemp for CBD production, thanks to a forecasted increase in overall percentage yield.

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Users will be able to scan Greenheart CBD’s products barcode and receive a complete seed-to-sale report using the phone app. Users may see where the product originates, which farm it came from, and how it is processed. Customers and distributors can be confident about the quality of CBD products they are purchasing thanks to the Constellation Network’s notarization.

The Greenheart & Epazz CryObo cooperation intends to release version two of the software in order to provide farmers with an exclusive gateway. Through the app, farm businesses can seek to become Greenheart CBD partners. They will have access to everything they need to shift to CBD farming once they become an official partner with the brand. Drones, seeds, modular extraction devices, and packaging will be provided to partner farms, along with expert consultation and training. Farmers who have been verified and licensed can use the mobile app to add their stores to the map and sell their products worldwide. Customers can also be reached more easily using the mobile app’s customer base.

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