China subject to racism with Wuhan Virus outbreak

With the health officials in China and the citizens fight to restrict the coronavirus, the people in countries like Malaysia, South Korea, Canada and the United Kingdom have been reporting the spreading of the racism against China and attacking the culture mores of the country and the businesses as there are signs which were meant to instigate boycotting of the Chinese.

The illness which is very contagious and pneumonia causing infects the tract of respiration has now been responsible for as many as 170 deaths in the country till late Wednesday and over 7,700 infections which was up from a level of 1,975 on last Saturday as per the health officials in China and the local media.

The mayor of Wuhan Zhou Xianwang had said that there were 5 million people who had left the country before the restrictions of travel had been imposed before the New Year in China. The director of the health commission in China has said that the incubation period of the virus was 10-14 days. The Focus was there on Wuhan which is where this virus had started being diagnosed in the month of December. There were rumors of it being born out of a food market in Wuhan and this has made the reports of the racism against Chinese as well as the sharing of memes online a lot more aggressive.

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There are those who are feeling, specifically those who live in other countries, that being Chinese is made synonymous to carrying the virus and that is extremely xenophobic as per the ones who have been at the receiving end of it.

With the outbreak increasing, this is increasing too.

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