Although Legal In Illinois, Pot Use Not Permitted In Public Housing: CHA

Although Legal In Illinois, Pot Use Not Permitted In Public Housing CHA

From January, it will be legal to use recreational pot in Illinois, however, Chicago’s Housing Authority has intimidated public housing residents of expulsion if marijuana is used on their premises by them. Lately, a letter was sent by the CHA to housing voucher beneficiaries, cautioning them about the repercussions of possessing or smoking pot on “governmental funded premises” even after legitimating on January 1, 2020, according to NPR.

The letter sent to the housing voucher recipients reads, “All assistance can be TERMINATED by the CHA… if one is, your household member or a person or guest under your authority is found involved in drug-associated criminal activity, comprising the possession or/and use of marijuana for recreational or medical purposes.” The CHA will function with the City of Chicago to craft guidelines derived from prevailing federal and state rules to assure responsible execution of marijuana legalization within the city. The blanket veto on weed within public housing—also for those having medical marijuana cards—winds up stinging marginalized residents the most, mainly individuals living with disabilities, said the advocates.

On the other end, over 57,000 petition signatures have been gathered by one lobbying group and presented them to the state Division of Elections. In August, “Make It Legal Florida,” the lobby group was registered and, to date, spent over $1 Million in collecting signatures. If the projected modification is sanctioned by voters, people aged 21 or over can “use, possess, buy, transport, and display up to 2.5 Ounces of marijuana accessories and marijuana for personal use for any cause.” Before February, 76,632 signatures should be submitted by the committee to make a Florida Supreme Court review possible of the proposed ballot wording. As the program’s part, it would be unlawful to promote marijuana to those below 21. In addition, the use of marijuana in public places is barred.

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