The inequality of the world is alarming says report

The richest 22 men in the world have in combination more wealth than all of the women in America of which there are 325 million as per a study.

The girls and women all around the world have contributed to an estimated level of $10.8tn to the economy of the globe with $12.5bn hours a day in total of unpaid care work, which is a figure that is over three times the worth of the tech industry in the globe as per a report that has been published this Monday ahead of the meeting at World Economic Forum to be held in Davos.

The report has said that the women all over the world particularly those who are living poor do over three quarters of the care work which is unpaid and is undervalued chronically and mot taken into account by the governments and businesses alike.

The population that is ageing, cuts in the spending of public and the crisis related to climate is going to further exacerbate the economic and gender inequality as per the report.

The experts have said that this fact that 22 men have more wealth than the women in Africa has made it clear that the economies of the globe are just sexist.

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The leaders of the world are meeting in the week for discussions about the reduction of poverty as well as inequality as they need to urgently invest in the public services and in care which makes it easier for the ones with care responsible for tackling the discrimination of holding the girls and women back.

A few experts say that the richer must be paying their share of the tax and not dodging the taxation or avoiding it to be paid.

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