Pet Shop owner faces charges for unlicensed veterinary medicine

An owner of a pet spa in North Smithfield has been charged by the police with a number of charges which include practicing without a license and for animal cruelty as per the announcement made by the Rhode Island Society for preventing the cruelty to the animals.

The authorities have charged John Froais, the owner of the pet spa with the a lot of charges.

the authorities have told the news reporters that the charges had stemmed down from them failing to provide enough medical attention to the litter of the four puppies in the pet shop.

The investigation as per the police had found that Froais had diagnosed unprofessionally and treated these puppies for a particular illness.

The police authorities have said that the four puppies had died many weeks ago and their body has not been taken as the evidence.

The puppies’ mother has factored into the five counts of practices which are unlicensed for the medicine of veterinary that are being faced by Froais.

As per the police, Froais has been arrested this Wednesday without any incident at the place of his business in the region of North Smithfield.

The police have further said that this investigation had begun initially due to the reports of a dog which was stolen

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Casual evidence was found against him and the evidence led to the charges being levied by the police authorities.

Froais is facing arraignment in the district of Kent County. He had been released on the personal recognizance and had been ordered to not have the custody or the control of any of the animals.  Further investigations are taking place against the violations.

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