Medical Marijuana Still Elusive In The United Kingdom

After the extensive campaign for public awareness, the increasing pressure of media on the system of health care and the medical cannabis legalization in the month of November in 2018 had been cheered as the monumental victories among the patients and clinicians alike.

There was a hope that the country of United Kingdom had eventually caught up with the countries which were more progressive and embraced the medicinal qualities which were offered by cannabis to treat a lot of the ailments. In the other nations of the commonwealth that is Australia and Canada, this has been gaining popularity in good stride with the patients who are using it as non-physiologically addictive and non-toxic and a powerful drug.

The medical establishment of Britain though has remained unimpressed. There were very less prescriptions which had been issued and only 104 private prescriptions had been written due to the extraordinarily restrictive criteria for the access of patients. For a handful of the patients who have been able to obtain the prescriptions a few have then had their access being blocked by the commissioning groups due to the dearth of empirical science for validating the effectiveness of medical marijuana.

There are further logistical problems which relate to the access as the prescriptions are usually just valid for only 28 days and the doctors are usually advised the prescription of a month’s worth at one time. For receiving the product, an importer of the UK then needs to apply for a license from the Home Office. The prescriptions usually expire by the time the medicines arrive. Therefore it is not surprising that a lot of the people have been turning to the private healthcare for getting access to the medical marijuana.

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