Increasing Marijuana Legalization To Drive Global Marijuana Drying And Curing Equipment Market Growth

Marijuana Drying & Curing Equipment

Marijuana drying and curing equipment assist in deciding the actual timings for garnering and parching marijuana plants. Also, this equipment assists in preventing contamination, moisture variations, and oil preservations. The integration of cutting-edge technology within the marijuana drying and curing equipment assures smooth burning and savory taste of appropriately grown, treated, and desiccated marijuana flowers. Over the years, the global marijuana drying and curing equipment market has witnessed a steady expansion on account of the vital part played by marijuana in alleviating pain.

The rising count of countries authorizing cannabis for recreational & medical purposes and the increasing cultivation of cannabis are a few factors expected to propel the growth of the global marijuana drying and curing equipment market during the forecast period. Further, the number of people suffering from chronic diseases, like migraine, cancer, and arthritis, turning to cannabis for pain relief has been increasing considerably, thus driving the market expansion. Extensive authorization of marijuana around the globe is also projected to fuel the need for the same that, in turn, is expected to generate business prospects and encourage spending in development of farming facilities and tools for marijuana drying and curing. In addition, the elevated need for potent and high quality marijuana is anticipated to surge the requirement for technologically innovative equipment that can accelerate the drying process.

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In addition, the rising need for high quality marijuana that is cultivated through organic techniques and the growing use of marijuana for treatment of several medical ailments are projected to propel the expansion of the global marijuana drying and curing equipment market in the coming period. Moreover, the increasing inclination toward marijuana drying and curing equipment over the traditional techniques for keeping up optimal external conditions & conserving active constituents and the rising need for higher product quantity & quality are expected to fuel the global marijuana drying and curing equipment market during the years to come.

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Moreover, competition is also projected to elevate owing to introduction of machines fortified with numerous technologies, comprising heat-pump, radiofrequency, and microwave. These products are anticipated to boost the requirement for marijuana drying and curing equipment during the upcoming period. To cite, in June 2019, Cannatrol had declared the rollout of its patent-awaiting Cannatrol Dry/Cure System, the foremost system to get science, technology, and complete control to the finishing process of cannabis.

At present, drying and curing ready-to-market legal cannabis yields are afflicted by inconsistent quality, sub-optimal profitability, over-drying, mold, waste, and overall poor customer experience. The over-drying leads to substantial drop in production income, whereas proper, controlled drying can increase profits by as much as 5%. The Cannatrol Dry/Cure system offers a repeatable, controlled, heat- & chemical-free drying and curing solution, leading to terpene retention, visually tempting, and consistent quality cannabis products for all recreational and medical applications.

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