Hong Kong airline apologises for forcing passenger to take the pregnancy test

Hong Kong carrier has apologized after it requested a traveller take a pregnancy test to demonstrate that she was not pregnant before getting onto a departure from Hong Kong to the US domain of Northern Mariana Island in the Pacific.

Northern Mariana Island has become a well-known goal for individuals planning to get their youngsters US citizenship.

Hong Kong Express Airways at first guaranteed it was an “upholding” US migration laws however has since apologized

Japanese resident Midori Nishida, 25, was flying with Hong Kong Express Airways to the island of Saipan, which is a piece of the Northern Mariana Island, last November when staff expected her to take a “fit to fly” evaluation.

The island has become a mainstream goal for supposed “birth the travel industry”, where remote nationals conceive an offspring in the region to guarantee their children become US residents.

CNN announced that birth the travel industry has gotten so uncontrolled in the US region as of late that a bigger number of infants were destined to voyagers than its changeless inhabitants.

US Customs and Border Protection officials can deny pregnant guests section in the event that they accept they won’t have the option to pay medicinal costs, thinking about the kid’s expected date and the time allotment the guest intends to spend in the nation.

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Ms Nishida, who experienced childhood with the island of Saipan and still has family on the US region, filled in a poll before her flight indicating that she was not pregnant but rather was still approached to experience the evaluation and was accompanied to a restroom to step through the examination.

Ms Nishida told the Wall Street Journal that it “was extremely embarrassing and disappointing” and the approach oppressed ladies dependent on their appearance.



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