Growing Product Innovation By Companies To Fuel Global Cannabis-Based Alcoholic Beverages Market Growth

Cannabis-based Alcoholic Beverages

In numerous parts around the world, cannabis has been recognized for its implementation as therapeutic and psychoactive drugs. Cannabis beverages are extremely famous in few states such as in Colorado and California, as the recreational usage of cannabis is made legal in these states. Earlier, cannabis usage was primarily limited for medical purpose. Nevertheless, in the past year, marijuana usage has extended to consumable drinks such as cannabis-based beverages. And considering the flourishing market, cannabis-based beverage firms have got into the market to source and fulfill the rising stipulation for the cannabis-infused products.

The rise in the stipulation for wellness drinks from customers is among the key factors expected to propel the growth of the global cannabis-based alcoholic beverages market during the forecast period. Further, decriminalizing of recreational or medical cannabis in specific regions is also projected to influence the market growth positively. Considerable data and technical exchange can be seen for legal cannabis. In the past few years, there has been a rise in investments by private and public into research & development for a safer form of cannabis consumption, which is further expected to fuel the market growth in the years to come.

Also, there has been a noteworthy rise in the count of firms functioning in this market; consequently promoting the quantity and variety of products presented to the end-users, which is projected to drive the expansion of global cannabis-based alcoholic beverages market. The fact that the cannabis application can be seen in treatment for anxiety, epilepsy, neurological disorders, and psychotic, further fuels the market expansion.

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Moreover, the global market is also projected to be fueled by the rising social recognition of cannabis. The product accessibility in new flavors has surged the stipulation for the cannabis-based alcoholic drinks among the youngster and adults. Also, the rising importance of online retailing is projected to boost the expansion of the global cannabis-based alcoholic beverages market in the near future. The flourishing cannabis industry has considerably contributed to the revenue of numerous governments and enhanced the revenue & sales of key companies. Also, the count of online transactions and the regular sum paid online for each transaction is rising across the globe. Thus, with such benefits, it is projected that the global market will witness substantial growth avenues during the forecast period.

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To cite, on March 5, 2020, Valens GroWorks Corp., a worldwide leader in the manufacturing and end-to-end development of new, cannabinoid-based products, declared the introduction of a series of cannabis-infused beverages, created within a white label deal with an Iconic Brewing subsidiary, A1 Cannabis Company. The rollout signifies the excellence and leadership of Valens in the manufacturing and development of Cannabis 2.0 products, as the firms carry on to productively commercialize cannabis-based beverages in the Canadian market.

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