Drive Stem Cells Laser-treated graphic circuits

Schwann cells are vital objectives for stem cell therapy because they cover neural axons and can help replenish ill or damaged nerves, probably bringing progress back into the legs and arms that have been immobilised. While it was difficult to separate these cells, scientists at the Iowa State University may have developed a process that would enable Swann cells to be produced in a bunch.

The scientists have previously designed a laser method for producing textured graphs, a two-dimensional substance composed of carbon atoms. What they found was that they can employ this method to stimulate stromal bone marrow stem cells to separate the Schwann cells much sooner than ever before from the same patient who is being taken care of.

A Graphene inkjet method developed by ISU is an important component of the procedure. In contrast, when Graphene electronic circuits were out, electrical conductivity, which normally indicates chemicals or higher temperatures, should be improved. Both might damage flexible printing surfaces together with foils of paper or plastic. This problem was solved by designing a computer-controlled laser technology that irradiates Graphene Oxide inkjet-printed. This treatment removes tin binders and decreases graphene oxide to graphene, which actually binds millions of small graphene crumbs together. The procedure improved the conductivity of electricity by 1000 times more than before.

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The team developed Graphene electronic circuits using an inkjet printing method and used its laser process on the outside. Staying the stem cells at that outside part, and running at a current rate of nearly 100 MiliVolt per day through cells for nearly ten minutes, separates up to 85% of Schwann cells from regular stem cells, for a period of 15 days. This is both more efficient and quicker than the chemistry’s earlier best process.

The technology is not commercially available at present and various tests are required. Investigators also say that the new era in the medical industry is beginning as they say that this technique will dissolve in nature as well.

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