Coca-Cola reports revenue which tops the expectation levels

On Thursday, Coca-Cola had reported the revenue of the quarter and has topped the expectations of the analyst as per new products under the namesake brand had boosted the sales.

The company shares which has $247 billion as their market value which had risen by 2.7% in the trading in the morning. The stocks had been up by the level of 22% in the last one year.

The giant in terms of beverages had reported a net fiscal income of the fourth-quarter of the $2.07 billion or a 47 cents a share which is up from a level of $870 million or 20 cents a share, one year ago. Excluding the charges of impairment, refranchising the gains as well as the other items, Coca-Cola had earned the 44 cents a share, meeting the expectations of the analysts who had been surveyed.

The sales had risen by 16% to a level of $9.07 billion which has topped the estimation of $8.89 billion. The new products such as the new Coke Plus Coffee as well as expanding the Coke Zero Sugar and lifted the sales in the quarter and led the brand for becoming the best performance in the previous eight years. As the consumption of United States of soda has been falling, the company has been using the brand Coke for creating the options which are healthier and the branching out in categories which are new. For instance, it had launched earlier in the month in United States as Coke Energy.

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In addition, Coke has said it had benefited from one extra day in quarter as well as the customers buying the products which are higher- priced.

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