New Cannabis Edibles To Whet Appetites This Mid-December In Canada

New Cannabis Edibles To Whet Appetites This Mid-December In Canada

During the second wave of cannabis legalization in Canada that started on October 17th and 60 day Health Canada review period that will end in mid-December, consumers can get to taste new cannabis based edibles. These will be produced by licensed retailers like Etobicoke based Olli Brands, Canopy Growth’s Tweed Inc, Aurora Cannabis and several others. This spurt in growth of cannabis based edible product companies is helped by the June 2019 report by Deloitte which estimates that edible cannabis product market is likely to be worth more than $2.5 billion annually. The report further clarifies that these products will generate more profits for retailers than which are currently being generated by legal cannabis products.

COO of Olli Brands Sarah Gillin told Toronto Sun that they firm is planning to launch several products like strawberry flavored real fruit chew followed by a butter cookie, hemp crunch chocolate and also give specialty tea flavors in which CBD will be the prominent feature. She explained that the brand is partnering with Michelin trained executive chef Adrian Niman to develop and prepare hand- made edible products. Caopy Growth is launching 13 cannabis infused beverages under Tweed Inc which will have low dose of distilled cannabis and will be marketed as a social beverage and will have 2.5 mg of THC.

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Aurora Cannabis that produces medical and consumer cannabis has also give customers a sneak peek into soon to be launched vapes that will be available in all three vaping formats.  Namely vape pens, premium vape pen pods and pens with cartridge system that will have a rechargeable battery. The market for edible cannabis in Canada alone is $1.6 billion annually while beverages infused with cannabis bring an additional $529 million to the kitty. Though this 60 day review period has been frustrating for consumers they know that it is necessary to ensure consumer safety.

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