Found among preschoolers selective eaters Chronic constipation

In the first of these studies in the United States, the researchers have underlined sensory issues that make it more difficult to adopt pre-school children with chronic constipation and normal development. These children are often not easy to choose and can be excessively sensitive to food texture, taste or smell. You can also have an inflationary reaction to light, sounds and other sensory stimuli. The findings are published in the Pediatrics Journal.

“We are pioneering our study and show that chronic constipation is one with increased sensitivity in young children,” said MD, Ann & Robert H. Lurie Hospital Pediatric Gastroenterologist. “Chronic constipation could often be an initial indication of sensory problems for the child as well, and that it could receive occupational therapy. In these children, sensory nutrient problems are particularly common and best treated when children younger than 5 years of age get firmly attached to maladaptive behaviour. «

In this study, the differences in sensory processing pattern in 66 children aged 3–5 years with chronic constipation and in an identical 66 year group have been examined by Dr Fishbein and colleagues. They also examined the link between the sensory profiles of the children and the atypical toilet behaviour. They found a stronger response to avoidance behaviour and sense stimuli for children with chronic constipation. The most crucial factor to predict the child’s trend to be behaviour, for example, not avoiding toilets in general or storing bowel movements, has been increased sensitivity to the oral sense processing of textures, flavours, or scents in food.

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“Our research gives physicians caregivers for children with chronic constipation a comprehensive toolkit,” said Dr. Fishbein. “The full management of these children should also take sensory problems and a possible reference to occupational therapy into consideration.”

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